Giant UFO On Moon Seen With Telescope, Same UFO as NASA Video! June 2012. UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: June 10, 2012.
Location of sighting: Earth's Moon

Now before you jump to conclusions know this, this is the same pulsing UFO that was seen on Feb 1996, when hundreds of similar UFOs shot near as the STS-75 mission scientist hoped to deploy the tether to a distance of 20.7 kilometres (12.9 mi). Over 19 kilometers of the tether were deployed before the tether broke due to contact with a giant throbbing UFO. The UFO looks biological and may actually be a single living creature that lives in space. If (tardigrades) "water bears" can survive in space then so can other creatures.

Eyewitness states: I was filming the Moon when what looks like a giant transparent UFO appeared. It circled around for a few minutes before disappearing.

Jump to 2:30 min into the video to see the tether and UFOs.


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  3. Dear Mr. Waring...I wish People would stop referring to these objects as UFO's.These objects are in fact particles floating in space. What they are made of, I have no Idea. What I can tell you is the shape you see of these so called Flying Saucers, is a FALSE IMAGE!. What were seeing here is an object referred to as a "Batman Emblem". This image, called a UFO, is a Myth. Their shape is caused by nothing more than a Video Camera "Glitch". I have reproduced this Image myself, just by pointing my (OLD) video camera at a street lamp in my neighborhood.As for them "THROBBING",these particals are only rotating. Each time the particle spins, it catches the sunlight and flashes causing a pulsating appearance. I really like your Site Mr. Waring, but let's not put aside discretion. Agreeing with someone doesn't always make it true. Please check out: http://www.noufors.com/how_to_identify_ufos_in_thirty_minutes_or_less.html


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