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Glowing UFO Near ISS Creates Lightning Viewed From ISS Live Cam, Nov 19, 2013, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: November 19, 2013
Location of sighting: Earths Orbit at ISS live cam

While viewing the ISS cam I noticed a face in the clouds, then suddenly a UFO appeared near it. The face lit up with lightning twice. From that point on lightning surrounded the UFO on all sides but more at the top of the screen and less at the bottom. Many UFO researchers believe that UFOs create lightning and other weather related phenomenon. I have to agree with that. This is not the first UFO near lightning that I have reported on this site, but it is the most lighting I have ever seen near a UFO. I recorded this UFO for over eight minutes until it disappeared. This UFO is very similar to the February 1996 tether incident UFOs. Please watch the video in FULL SCREEN MODE and in HD res. SCW
Click to enlarge.
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Biological UFO Passes In Front Of Sun On Oct 17, 2013, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: October 17, 2013
Location of sighting: Earths Sun
Method: SOHO/NASA sun cameras
Source: NASA SWx iphone app. 

While looking over some SOHO sun photos, I noticed this very odd shaped object near the sun. This looks a lot like a solar explosion, however its center has a triangle in it and its web like round shape makes me wonder if what I am looking at is a massive UFO similar to the 1997 NASA UFO Tether incident? Its been on my mind, so I am posting it after looking at it for almost a week and I will let you guys decide. I will put the tether incident video at the bottom of this post for you to compare. Remember...the tether incident was a test to see if a 12 mile long tether could pull a 100 million dollar satellite up into orbit. The tether video was made with an infrared camera, showing many donut shaped UFOs curious about the tether and one apparently breaking it. The tether UFOs look to be biological entities, not ships as we know them. SCW


THIS DAY IN HISTORY: Roswell UFO Incident (Crash and Recovery)

Date: July 3, 1947
Date that public learned in newspapers: July 8, 2013
Location: Roswell, New Mexico, United States
Source: Roswell Online

Brief overview article on the Roswell incident, from Roswell Online

In early July 1947 an incident occurred in the desert just outside of Roswell, NM. Many people have heard of the Roswell UFO crash, but very few people know the details of the incident. The following account of the 1947 UFO incident was taken from public records, from information provided by the International UFO Museum and from the press release for UFO Encounter 1997.

On the evening of July 3, 1947 Dan Wilmot, a respected business owner, and his wife were sitting on their front porch when they saw a bright saucer shaped object with glowing lights moving across they sky at 400-500 miles per hour. Dan Wilmot estimated that the unidentified flying object was about 20-25 feet across. The flying object appeared from the Southeast and disappeared to the Northwest. Dan Wilmot reported his unusual sighting to the Roswell Daily Record.

In early July W.W. (Mac) Brazel, the Foreman of the J. B. Foster Ranch rode out to check his sheep after a night of intense thunderstorms. Mac Brazel discovered a large amount of unusual debris scattered across one of the ranch's pastures. Mac Brazel took some pieces of the debris, showed them to some friends and neighbors and eventually contacted Chaves County Sheriff George Wilcox. Suspecting that the materials described by Mac Brazel might be connected with military operations, Sheriff Wilcox notified authorities at the Roswell Army Air Field (subsequently renamed Walker AFB) for assistance in the matter.

Major Jesse Marcel, the Intelligence Officer at the 509th Bomb Group, was involved in the recovery of the wreckage which was initially transported to Roswell Army Air Field. On July 8th the Roswell Daily Record's headline story revealed that the wreckage of a flying saucer had been recovered from a ranch in the area. When questioned Major Jesse Marcel disclosed that the wreckage had been flown from New Mexico on to higher headquarters.

Colonel William Blanchard, Commander of the 509th Bomb Group, issued a press release stating that the wreckage of a crashed disk had been recovered. A second press release was issued from the office of General Roger Ramey, Commander of the Eighth Air Force at Ft. Worth Army Air Field in Ft. Worth, Texas within hours of the first press release. The second press release rescinded the first press release and claimed that officers of the 509th Bomb Group had incorrectly identified a weather balloon and its radar reflector as a crashed disk.

The Ballard Funeral Home in Roswell had a contract to provide ambulance and mortuary services for Roswell Army Air Field. Glenn Dennis, a young Mortician who worked for Ballard Funeral Homes, received several phone calls from the Mortuary Officer at the air field prior to learning of the recovery of the wreckage. Glenn Dennis was asked about the availability of small hermetically sealed caskets and for his recommendations on the preservation of bodies that had been exposed to the elements for several days. His curiosity aroused, Glenn Dennis visited the Base Hospital that evening and was forcibly escorted from the building. This behavior only incited Glenn Dennis' curiosity and he arranged to meet a nurse from the Base Hospital on the following day in a coffee house. The nurse had been in attendance during autopsies performed on "... several small non-human bodies ...". Glenn Dennis kept drawings of aliens that the nurse had sketched on a napkin during their meeting. This meeting was to be their last and Glenn Dennis could learn no more about the alien bodies, as the nurse was abruptly transferred to England within the next few days.

On July 9th the Roswell Daily Record revealed that the wreckage had been found on the J.B. Foster Ranch. Mac Brazel was so harassed that he became sorry he had ever reported his find to the Chaves County Sheriff.

In the following days virtually every witness to the crash wreckage and the subsequent recovery efforts was either abruptly transferred or seemed to disappear from the face of the earth. This led to suspicions that an extraordinary event was the subject of a deliberate government coverup. Over the years books, interviews and articles from a number of military personnel, who had been involved with the incident, have added to the suspicions of a deliberate coverup.

In 1979 Jesse Marcel was interviewed regarding his role in the recovery of the wreckage. Jesse Marcel stated, "... it would not burn ... that stuff weighs nothing, it's so thin, it isn't any thicker than the tinfoil in a pack of cigarettes. It wouldn't bend. We even tried making a dent in it with a 16 pound sledge hammer. And there was still no dent in it." Officers who had been stationed at Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio (where the wreckage was taken) at the time of the incident have supported Jesse Marcel's claims.

Dr. Jesse Marcel, Jr., eleven years old at the time of the incident, accompanied his Dad during the retrieval efforts. Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr. has produced detailed drawings of hieroglyphic like symbols that he saw on the surface of some of the wreckage. Dr Marcel testifies regularly on his belief that a UFO of some type crashed in Roswell. 


Giant UFO On Moon Seen With Telescope, Same UFO as NASA Video! June 2012. UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: June 10, 2012.
Location of sighting: Earth's Moon

Now before you jump to conclusions know this, this is the same pulsing UFO that was seen on Feb 1996, when hundreds of similar UFOs shot near as the STS-75 mission scientist hoped to deploy the tether to a distance of 20.7 kilometres (12.9 mi). Over 19 kilometers of the tether were deployed before the tether broke due to contact with a giant throbbing UFO. The UFO looks biological and may actually be a single living creature that lives in space. If (tardigrades) "water bears" can survive in space then so can other creatures.

Eyewitness states: I was filming the Moon when what looks like a giant transparent UFO appeared. It circled around for a few minutes before disappearing.

Jump to 2:30 min into the video to see the tether and UFOs.


UFO Near Sun Similar to STS-75 "tether incident," Campare UFOs, May 2, 2012. UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: May 2, 2012
Location of sighting: Earth's Sun

A UFO that was seen on SOHO/NASA photos of the sun on May 2nd. This UFO caught UFOlogists attention because they have seen it before. It is the same exact shape as the mass UFOs that cut the NASA  cable that the space shuttle made in space. The space tether experiment, a joint venture of the US and Italy, called for a scientific payload--a large, spherical satellite--to be deployed from the US space shuttle at the end of a conducting cable (tether) 20 km (12.5 miles) long. The idea was to let the shuttle drag the tether across the Earth's magnetic field, producing one part of a dynamo circuit. However the tether was broken in two when one of these UFOs flew through it or cut it on purpose. These round UFOs actually look like giant living creatures. But being so large near the sun, could this creature harm the Earth or worse yet, consume it. Watch the NASA video below how the UFOs throb and flex. Funny how this object comes near the sun's magnetic field area…and the NASA tether also gathered the magnetic field…looks like this creature feeds on magnetic fields.