UFO Caught On IR Video Shooting Past China Shenzhou-9 Rocket, June 2012.

Date of sighting: June 16, 2012
Location of sighting: exiting Earths atmosphere

Several unidentified objects with light were seen about four minutes after the Shenzhou-9 launch on Monday. Although some might say the two UFOs in the back have to be rocket tanks being dropped, the UFO that shots from the opposite direction was undeniable. Clearly aliens did a flyby to check out this China rocket as it made its way to its single room space station in orbit. This is a big step for China and their space history.  

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  1. Going over ten thousand mph, the camera is in telephoto, the object that appears in the footage is probably nothing more than an aircraft. Many NASA films show these anomolous objects. It could also be defracted light creating an artifact on the footage...The latter seems less so to me than it being an aircraft. I lean more towards that theory than anything ET....There is no shock wave on the anomoly like the rocket.


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