Aliens Recorded On NASA Live Cam Near Space Station On July 2012, VIDEO!

Date of sighting: July 29, 2012
Location of sighting: Earths Orbit, on the ISS

This UFO was discovered by Youtubes "Streetcap1" and I have to say this guy is getting to be famous among Astrobiologists/UFOlogists around the world. He watches the cams for any UFOs that wander into them and they do. I myself have tried this and it made a few ISS videos of UFOs on Youtube. This is a great catch. From 1 to 10 this one rates a 8 in comparison to what he has posted in the past. Both disks and orbs have been seen around the ISS weekly and we even got a close up of those orbs when NASA announced that the Shuttle Atlantis was being followed by 6 round UFOs on CNN years ago on world TV, so I ask you...are they there to read the minds of the astronauts...to learn if NASA is a threat or truly comes in peace? SCW

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