Building and Cross Discovered On Venus Map...Possibly Validating Val Valient Thor's Existence.

Date of discovery: August 14, 2012
Location of discovery: Venus surface

I was looking over the Venus map and found these building like structures. One stood out more than the others. It was a massive rectangle shaped structure with two towers on each side of it. Also not far away I found a giant size cross on its surface. I chose to look at Venus because of the Val Valient Thor who is an alien that landed his UFO near the white house (park area) in 1957. Val was a captain of his ship and the ship remained below a lake in the park until his return. He held secret meetings with US President Eisenhower. More info and photos of Val, just click here.  If these structures are real...it tells us that Val could really be from Venus as he said. SCW

Source Venus Map: http://webgis2.wr.usgs.gov/Venus_Global_GIS/ 


  1. 200mph winds, 800 degrees, CO2 and sulfuric acid atmosphere and 90X the pressure as Earth at the surface. Sure, I'll buy some real estate there.

  2. Val Thor said Venusians live mostly underground. The buildings on the surface are mostly ancient remnants of long ago. Unused now.


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