UFO experts claim "record number" of sightings in the Rio Grande, Texas Aug 2012.

Date of meeting: August 2012
Location of meeting: Rio Grande Valley, South Texas, USA

Believers, skeptics and the curious all gathered for an "out of this world" experience in Hidalgo County on Friday evening. The Edinburg UFO Conference drew hundreds of people from all walks of life. The main topic of discussion: UFO's sightings in the Rio Grande Valley and South Texas. Local expert Noe Torres told Action 4 News that South Texas is a "hotbed" of UFO sightings. The McAllen-based author has also written several books about an alleged UFO crash near Nuevo Laredo in the 1940s. Torres said hundreds of sightings are reported each year in an area between Corpus Christi, Laredo, Brownsville and McAllen. “We don't know if there's any correlation with any specific events worldwide or here locally,” Torres said. “The only thing we know is that people are reporting UFO sightings at a record number.”

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