Triangular ufo sighting above Power Station Update !! East London Aug 2012

Date of sighting: August 2012
Location of sighting: East London, England

Eyewitness states: 

Filmed from across the River Thames as the sun was setting ,
there is more footage of the sky that evening above the power station and the lights that appeared , you will see look out on YT 


  1. took a pic of the exact same triangular ufo in chicago over lake Michigan a few months ago. how can i send you the pic?

    1. Our email account was flooded with spam and so we closed it. However if you post the photos on your blog or site and post a link here, I will repost your report and photos with credit to you, or you can make the photos into a movie format for Youtube, but make sure your title has the words, "UFO Sighting," in it.

  2. just want to say weel done for reaching the 2million mark keep up the good work scott.

    1. Thanks, its a little amazing so many others seem to have an interest in UFOs as I do. Glad there are others out there like me who not only believe, but have been eyewitnesses to an amazing event.


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