UFO Approaches Japan Volcano As It Erupts, Sept 2012 VIDEO.

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Date of sighting: September 26, 2012
Location of sighting: Sakurajima Volcano, Japan

This is a discovery by "Streetcap1" of Youtube. Here he has recorded live cam that shows a volcano with smoke coming out…however something disk-like in shape is approaching the mouth of the volcano and as it gets right over the mouth…it disappears. Fantastic capture and compounds the massive amounts of similar evidence that exists of UFOs near volcanos all pointing to one final conclusion, there are underground bases below some volcanos. SCW


  1. it looks very cloudy in the background of the Volcano, so i think it's just the case that some of the moving white clouds between the Volcano and background give a short free view of the mountains behind the Volcano... the illusion is, that the "Object" seem to have the same speed as the smoke of the Volcano in the foreground which means that in reality nothing is really moving but the smoke... ;)

  2. because you can clearly see the line of a mountain as a fine blue shadow behind the volcano long before the "object" is visibly! As if you were looking at the horizon at sea... know what I mean?

  3. looks like a long line of volcanic smoke to me.....


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