UFO sighting *TRIANGLE UFO CAUSES PANIC* over Syria sept 2012

Date of sighting: September 21, 2012
Location of sighting: Draa, Syria

UFOs are seen in all parts of the world and Syria is no exception. These glowing orbs were seen over the city of Draa on Sept 21 at 11:30 pm and caused many of the people to panic. The orbs are not in a perfect triangle which makes me think this is not a single craft but each orb is a separate craft. 


  1. Sounds like hell ! That is the same as another sighting on here

  2. Hahahaha, they are shooting at the craft.

    No wonder they don't associate with humans.

  3. Go get some night vision goggles and go out away from a city or any place with lots of lights go some were were no lights can be seen. Put on your night vision goggles and you will see craft going all over the place. they will pass by each other and then revers and follow each other and they will fly in formations like a squadron.


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