UFO War: Chinese and US Navy off San Francisco

If this news below is true...it may have some serious links to the Mayan Dec 21, 2012 predictions. It sounds serious and most UFOlogist already know that there are underwater alien bases but why aliens would be a threat in any way is beyond me. Aliens have had bases on our planet for hundreds of thousands of years or more, so what could possible make the military feel that the aliens are a threat? SCW

News Reports: 

This last week, reports of Chinese naval vessels off the US coast, Northern Californian in particular, have been reported but denied. 
Now an Asian intelligence agency reports that a combined fleet operation between the US and China has been going on, a full combat operation against what we are told is a “highly unfriendly extra-terrestrial threat.”
The verifications of the fleet operations have been many, there have been no confirmations from the US side though the ships have been seen by every vessel that makes it offshore.  The true nature of both the threat and the extent of the multinational military force used is beyond any imaginable classification level.
  • Extraterrestrial craft are operating from underwater bases.
  • Advanced US sub-orbital weapons platforms represented as “tested” have actually been deployed from Vandenburg Air Force Base.  These are armed with energy weapons.
  • UFO tracking has been moved from conventional to nano-technology with microscopic sensors being used to detect behaviors such as dimensional rifts and distortions in time, things only discussed in TV shows like Fringe and X Files.  (all Fox oddly enough)

The actual classified memo on very short distribution mentions only the following:
  • Opposition is extraterrestrial and extremely aggressive and unfriendly
  • The threat represents a “clear and present danger” and is isolated to the Pacific Basin
  • China is forced to carry US responsibility because our own naval capability is sitting in the Persian Gulf when America is under a very real threat.
  • Attempts to seek confirmations or to directly verify these operations will lead to fatal consequences.
Our confirmations limit us to this response which I have chosen to represent in a highly deniable form out of personal interest.  Others in the US have better information and sources and have been silenced with warnings only.


  1. I don't think there will be any war, ther has been close encounters before and never anything threatening. Plus they have the tech to disable our jets so im sure they'd have no probs with the missiles. Every one will know theyre place soon enough.

  2. Very true. I suppose any new alien activity on the ocean floor might cause the military to be nervous and they probably just want to make a show of strength.

  3. Hi Scott. I believe that if there are some alien bases on our planet, they would probably be at sea. If they wanna threat us, they would do it , with no problem, and we could not do a thing. Probably they wanna take care of our poor planet, that we are destroying every day. I would say that they didn't create us for this.
    Paulo Matos from Lisbon,Portugal

  4. I have a photo that I took at my home over a week ago. I have never believed in any kind of alien stuff but in my picture I have obvious aliens,,, more than one and two different kind of ships.
    I know I need to have this photo looked at but I don't know who to take it to..
    Can anyone help me with this.
    I havent been home since. Im scared.

    1. Contact thirdphaseofmoon or dr greer


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