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Alien Structures On Dark Side Of Moon Discovered, White Ceramic Structures, UFO Sighting News

SOURCE: Book called, "Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Near Side of the Moon." In the back of this book is a computer CD with full resolution photos. These came from there. 

Close up below, click to enlarge. I was looking at some Lunar Orbiter photographs when I came across a few that I had not see before. They partially reveal the dark side of the moon, or almost dark side because Earth cannot view this part of the moon, but a little sun light does hit part of it. The white dots, which so many inexperienced people have called photo flaws, are real. My proof is the shadow. Look at the shadow covering them. Note: the shadow might not exist, you might be looking at the black metal surface of an artificial moon, see the shadows from the structures? Moon shadows would not affect photo flaws, however if they were structures on the moon, it would logical. To argue that photo flaws would disappear in the shadows is ridiculous so I will not acknowledge such foolishness. You will notice like I did that there is some unusual formations of white dots. These are evenly spaced apart and stay close to one another. That is because you are looking at cities on the moon. You see, there are three types of buildings I have identified on the moon. First is the metallic buildings which have angles like human buildings, but these are always smaller compared to the other two. Second are the white ceramic buildings. These will have black windows, yet the surface of the building is so shiny that it looks like light reflecting off the surface. Their shape is usually round or oval, never with sharp angles, always smooth edges. See below photo shadows from white buildings? Third are the dark buildings. These are the most unusual and seem biomechanics or living structures that were grown. These are flat black, meaning they have no reflective surfaces. They are massive, up to hundreds of kilometers long. They often have the small buildings near their entrances with many (4-8 usually) tunnel like attachments going back and forth. So the Lunar Orbiter satellite gives you a birds eye view of partially lit side of the moon which is never visible to Earth. I use to believe in NASA, held them up on a pedestal with the highest of admiration, but then I discovered they lied to us and I can never respect someone that lies to your face. You decide for yourself, don't let anyone else decide for you.
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


Extraterrestrial Bases Found On Saturn Moon Enceladus, HD photo, Feb 2017, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: February 10, 2017 (Taiwan time)
Location of discovery: Saturn moon Enceladus
NASA source:

 Aliens exist on every planet and moon in our solar system. For some unknown reason, people blindly believe NASA when they say there is no intelligent alien life out there. However, as you can see before you now, there is. Here are some structures built into a craters bottom that show towers and complexes in an intelligent design. Just an accidental coincidence? No way, its not a coincidence when you can reveal these alien structure daily on different moons. Its called skill, and mine outweighs that of the NASA photoshopping crew who are hired to blur out this alien evidence. Yes, yesterday it was the moon Tethys, today its Enceladus, both orbiting Saturn. 
Scott C. Waring

 Also below I found an alien tower in a shape that no human could ever imagine, also a face of a male, which tells us the aliens here do have a male/female within their species. Some are both, some are clones not parents. So every species is uniquely different. 


UFO War: Chinese and US Navy off San Francisco

If this news below is may have some serious links to the Mayan Dec 21, 2012 predictions. It sounds serious and most UFOlogist already know that there are underwater alien bases but why aliens would be a threat in any way is beyond me. Aliens have had bases on our planet for hundreds of thousands of years or more, so what could possible make the military feel that the aliens are a threat? SCW

News Reports: 

This last week, reports of Chinese naval vessels off the US coast, Northern Californian in particular, have been reported but denied. 
Now an Asian intelligence agency reports that a combined fleet operation between the US and China has been going on, a full combat operation against what we are told is a “highly unfriendly extra-terrestrial threat.”
The verifications of the fleet operations have been many, there have been no confirmations from the US side though the ships have been seen by every vessel that makes it offshore.  The true nature of both the threat and the extent of the multinational military force used is beyond any imaginable classification level.
  • Extraterrestrial craft are operating from underwater bases.
  • Advanced US sub-orbital weapons platforms represented as “tested” have actually been deployed from Vandenburg Air Force Base.  These are armed with energy weapons.
  • UFO tracking has been moved from conventional to nano-technology with microscopic sensors being used to detect behaviors such as dimensional rifts and distortions in time, things only discussed in TV shows like Fringe and X Files.  (all Fox oddly enough)

The actual classified memo on very short distribution mentions only the following:
  • Opposition is extraterrestrial and extremely aggressive and unfriendly
  • The threat represents a “clear and present danger” and is isolated to the Pacific Basin
  • China is forced to carry US responsibility because our own naval capability is sitting in the Persian Gulf when America is under a very real threat.
  • Attempts to seek confirmations or to directly verify these operations will lead to fatal consequences.
Our confirmations limit us to this response which I have chosen to represent in a highly deniable form out of personal interest.  Others in the US have better information and sources and have been silenced with warnings only.


Buildings Discovered On Dark Side Of Moon, Google Moon Map, Video March, 2012 News.

Date of discovery: March 2012
Location of discovery: Dark side of Earth's Moon

Eyewitness states: "GO FULL SCREEN. Proof of life. UFO's on the far side of the Moon, near Mare Moscoviense, dozens of cylinder shaped objects parked on crater edges. Some 1000 ft. long. Ground structure and some level of industry. Is this an origin of life planet? Or are they mining?"

It is true, I myself went to the Mare Moscoviense crater using Google Moon to confirm this and I found it to be 100% real. Know this, you need to zoom in a lot. Near the crater there are a lot of dark tiny craters. If you pick about a dozen to zoom in on and fill up the screen with one, you will see these tiny white sphere buildings and some are tube shaped. They are there, and are not pixillation. The screenshots above are not from his video but from me looking at Google Moon at the edge of that crater. SCW