Alien Insect Discovered on Mars, by NASA Rover, UFO sighting news, oct 2012.

Alien Insect Discovered On Mars By Curiosity Rover, Oct 2012, photos.

Date of discovery: Oct 2012
Location of discovery: Mars (By Curiosity Rover)

We all have heard about the the Mars Curiosity Rover, however did you know it recently saw something shiny in the martian soil and today it got a close look at it. NASA had believed it to be part of the rover, but it isn't. It is either a cocoon or the shed skin of an insect proving that life does exist on Mars. It was thin and probably blew there in the martian winds, causing the NASA team to panic thinking their 2.5 Billion dollar rover was falling apart. With this close up view we now know its not part of the rover but the discarded shell of an alien insect. Nature is amazing isn't it? SCW

NASA link: http://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/msl-raw-images/msss/00065/mhli/0065MH0055000002R0_DXXX.jpg

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