Eyewitnesses Say Glowing Object In Sky Not A Meteor, TV NEWs Video Oct 17, 2012.

UFO, Oct 17, 2012 Bay Area, California

Actual photo of meteor taken by eyewitness. Oct 17, 2012.
Shows a UFO at the front of the glowing tail.

Date of sighting: October 17, 2012
Location of sighting: California to Nevada

In the video below you hear not one but three eyewitnesses of different locations in California all say what they saw wasn't a meteor. They say the object was way to slow to be a meteor and that the object sometimes did not have a tail. Also they say the object was flying across the sky like a jet, not falling like a meteor would. Not to mention a meteor would be pulled by gravity to bend downward, but this object never pointed downward. The above photo was one of the first looks at the UFO and here we see an object at the front of a glowing tail. This objects is a UFO, not a meteor. The media is manipulated by the US government and they are now using the word "meteor" to get you to shrug off this sighting and think nothing of it. Did they succeed? Its a UFO, end of story. It was the same exact UFO seen over the same exact location back in Sept 30, 2011, also flying horizontally. It comes and goes with passengers. SCW


  1. I just heard a T.V. reporter from channel 2 in Atlanta saying it was a meteor.

    1. If he said it was a UFO, then he would probably be fired for possibly causing panic not to mention that the news station would get government agencies calling them criticizing them for jumping to those conclusions…even if it is logical and rational.

    2. Well, no. UFO means unidentified flying object. If they were to identify it as an alien hovercraft, then the government would go all area 51 on it.


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