Three glowing UFO Orbs Below Dark Clouds In Hawaii, Oct 14, 2012.

Date of sighting: Oct, 14, 2012
Location of sighting: Haiku, Maui, Hawaii, USA

This unusual sighting of three UFO orbs was seen over Maui this week during a thunderstorm. The eyewitnesses on the video sound alarmed. The orbs seem to want to be seen, otherwise they would not all three be below the cloud. They sometimes allow sightings on a regular basis around the globe...most likely to adapt the humans to the knowledge that aliens exist. Scott C. Waring


  1. This is a Great catch, I only wish they would not add music to the vids, it's compelling without.

  2. ThirdPhaseOfMoon are known hoaxers and CGI film makers. They do great injustice to the real UFO cases and footage with these manufactured hoaxes.

    1. They seem to sometimes upload questionable UFO vids ive notice myself, but why would they risk such wrath from the viewers & researchers alike tho i personaly cant disregard there indications of potential hoaxes they the bro's suspect sometimes of UFO vids they recieve from viewers ive noticed too, i thk there on the up & up & dont want redicule to the point of there show losing considerable viewership not to mention commercial revenue streams.

  3. All I can say is In My experience, keeping in mind I have talked to Blake and his brother quite a few times. I use to be convinced they where complete hoaxers. And to this day I am convinced they have absolutely been responsible for making some Hoaxes before. Why they do it I would guess is to catch amajor flow of attention. Now on the flip side I also know of personal experiences where Blake and Brent absolutely covered very REAL Events!! Quite possibly like the one above. I do not know where the one above was recorded, However Last night at about Or should I saw October 29th at 1:20 AM I got a phone call from a frantic person I know who was with 4 people who where all very obviously afraid and hauling butt AWAY from the crater on top of Maui! They had seen pretty much exacty what I see in this video. They told me under the clouds out of nowhere Three white balls just appeared and began doing strange things but they also said it was a triangle. So having said that. What he said to me pretty much was EXACTLY What is seen here. At some point these three orbe do form a triangle but at another point they move two and row as Enoch would say during his trip to Heaven! Now about my personal experience with Blake and Brent is Last summer I believe about July there where a lot of fires taking place in Oregon and my sister took her children Camping. During said Camp she had her 68 year old son and her 15 year old daughter and about 2-5 of her 15 year old daughters friends when ALL of them including my sister saw a almost triangle. They said it was more long with a white light in front and three white lights on the back as a small triangle. It was like the ball in front was about 100 yards in front of the triangle towing it. However the boy said he could see it was ONE Solid craft and I recorded his depiction on my phone and gave him a pencil and allowed him to talk. He even argued what his mother said and was VERY Sure that he knew she was wrong because he knewit was only ONE Object and I asked im why. He made it very clear that as it passed over head he could see the stars bend from the edge of the craft. So what he was explaining was the actual craft was invisible but the lights he could see, he could hear a Hum.. And he could very clearly see the bending of stars exposing the edge of the craft and he drew this craft! Im not sure if this Youtube Link will come through so Youtube key word search would be (TPOM Oregon Triangle) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxjWqQi3ruQ

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    Here is what I like to call the "Mean Jerk"s footage off the same craft my Nephew saw!!! For some reason I can not find his Star light footage that actually shows the One dot in front and the three in triangle form EXACTLY Like my nephew's drawing but I can tell you I did see it and he took that particular footage the SAME Night I believe.. Having said that this guy was a real JERK to me and absolutely refused to allow anyone else but him to use his footage. My self I would have used it anyway but TPOM Makes advertising funds from there channel and can not get sued so they could not just use it anyway..


    Key word Search Oregon UFO Whotookmymojo

    And you will see My Nephiew holding his drawing telling me as many details as possible. I my self can attest that He absolutely was telling the truth. Furthermore I in fact discovered actual FOOTAGE of the object by a guy I believe calling him self Youtube handle (whotookymojo) Obviously someone did take his Mojo because the guy is a freaking Jerk.. Didn't matter to him a group of people saw the same object and could make a great public viddeo. If TPOM or aybody was making 2 pennies from publication of small parts of his footage over lapping a child's testimony he did NOT WANT ANYTHING to do with it.. So his Mojo, Class and respect for Ufology is one!!

    Now, He took footage of the Exact same craft with his camcorder on starlight vision and sure enough you see everything with exception in his footage you can not see this outline these kids describe.. I asked him if we could use his actual footage with this testimony of the boy and he was a real jerk about it and absolutely would NOT allow it so Blake and Brent decided to forget about the Jerk attitude off a man who I guess felt that only he was entitle to display the reality of this and they kindly made a GCI rendering of what they perceived my nephew was telling us! They did a fine job and so rathr they have made some fakes or not one thing I knw is My name is Wayne McIntee of Maui Hawaii, I Met Blake after I had been a TPOM Hater i.e. I hated there channel because of some of there obvious fakes for example the Alien under the Car I have a Photographic memory and I noticed that Same Alien Doll in about 3 of there videos they claim they got from three independent sources therefore I suspected at the time every footage was FAKE!

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    However at this time Now that I know if you have Real footage and or a real case they will publish it I can not explain exactly why they make so many obvious fakes. Now I say they make for a few reasons.. I do not believe they just receive these videos and publish them rather they appear fake or not. I am convinced they them selves have made fake hoaxes to popularize there channel and this is because I of the Alien Doll I had seen under the car and in there video at a party etc etc. AND Because of a TV Show called Fact of Faked where the Ex r Retired FBI dude I do not recall his name said he knew the video was a Hoax because He personally knew Blake and he knew it was Blakes Child's Voice over the C.G.I. So I am still to this day convinced they have made likely more fakes than real UFO Videos and this is likely to popularize there channel..

    If you where to Ask Blake about Fakes I believe he said something to the tune of "Well we get 5million views what do you get"? And perhaps that is there point.. If they expose the truth in some cases and the Only reason My Nephew will get a degree of views is because of how many Fakes they published to draw even ridicule attention does it really matter?

    My Anser would Obviously be to a degree.. While Yes it may draw MORE Attention as they say NO Publicity is Bad, It may also make people automatically suspect my Nephew is Blakes family Lying, that being said I can not answer if it is better for TPOM or UFO research so I decided to go ahead and support them regardless.

    That being said.. I am convinced they decided to use fakes to popularize there channel and may still do this to this day. As UFO Footage is very hard to come by but to keep people coming back they likely spice it up with all the bologna every day!! Good or Bad, for better or worse That is how they work!!

    Me My self All I can say is I know that they WILL Publicize Real actual Footage with real actual events if they get permission from the footage Owner. As I said the Mean jerk without his "Mojo" Would not allow us to even use a frame of his footage.. "His" footage.. So I hope you all know what I think the guy can do with his camera and his attitude and lack of Mojo and class ; )

    My agenda is exposing so If I had taken footage I would not care if TPOM Made 2 pennies or 5 Million from my footage As long as it got the most exposure as possible and if I had taken footage and learned a group of maybe as many as 6-10 people had seen the exact same craft Id of bee more than happy to allow them to overlapping the testimony with my footage!! I guess he is really not as interested in exposure as I am..

    That being said That is all I have to say!! This video could obviously Be Faked as we know I have seen many fakes over Hawaii due to TPOM and its impossible to believe so many fakers out in Hawaii just send all there videos to only TPOM Yet nobody else gets copies and published them BUT As I said I had 4 people call me last night describing exactly what is in the above footage over Maui as having been seen at 1:20 AM Abouts Over Maui Crater heading toward Hana! Aloha!!

  6. Sorry comment #4 HERE Is the URL for the Actual Footage f the Actual SAME UFO SAME Day Heading North of where ever Mr No Mjo took this.. Keep in Mind His footage is July 25th, My Nephew's Report is from July 25th! same year same state!!


    1. Yes, I am aware of those two brothers making fakes. However, some is real. I no longer publish anything from their Youtube channel. Faking anything in UFO research is both unethical and immoral. This sighting above must be looked at with a skeptical eye because of them. SCW


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