100 Police Will Try To Stop All 2012 Dec 21 Believers From Trudging Up French Mountain To Be Safe From Doomsday!

A famous mountain called Pic de Burgarach in France has been the the safty-net for many UFO believers that on December 21, 2012 a large ship will emerge over it and take the humans there away to safety. But now authorities in France have decided that when December arrives, they will make a blockade around that mountain area to prevent anyone from reaching the top! There will be over a hundred police and firefighters there to stop anyone from reaching the top. So if you were going to climb that mountain...be prepared to go by foot and trudge up the mountain using deer and elk trails. This is another clear attempt by the world governments to control our fate as well as to try to cover up all attempts that aliens make to meet or help humans. Oh yeah, if you make the trek, please take a 100-200mw green pen laser with you. You can flash the UFOs from over 25km away...or if your board on the mountain...you can flash around the cops on the bottom of the mountain. Just don't aim at people please. SCW

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  1. Great article.

    But if the ETs are already among us (as they've been confirmed to be), I'm sure they'd be well aware of the fact that police will thwart attempts at contact.

    No, they are way more methodical than that. They've been among us for millenia and know our governments very well. And I'm sure most of them have seen Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind as well.

    Unless, of course, they want to the plan to be thwarted. After all, the majority don't have our best interests at heart, and why would they?


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