Daytime UFO filmed over Paris, Kentucky 20-Oct-2012.

Date of sighting: October 20, 2012
Location of sighting: Paris, Kentucky, USA

Notice the dog barking throughout the video…this is common in many UFO reports. Also this craft seems to turn suddenly facing a different direction every few seconds is odd…and it has horse shoe shaped edges. Paris is a city with only about 10,000 people so its easy for a UFO to get in and out without a lot of eyewitnesses…but landing and taking off in the daytime is very rare and needs to be investigated by MUFON more. SCW

Eyewitness states: 
While mowing my pasture in KY on 10/20, I came across this circular patch of ground approximately 14; in diameter. The plants are dead, the soil is discolored and balled up, and the rock on the surface has an orange tint in the center of the circle. I was thinking that this is the result of a lighting strike but I've always seen them take some sort of path and not jus be a circle. I have been careful not to disturb the site in any way.

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