New Human-Like Face Discovered On Mars Surface, Nov 8, 2012.

Date of discovery: November 8, 2012
Location of discovery: Mars
Type this in the google Mars search box:  37°21'41.32"S , 149°55'17.97"

I heard Google Mars (free program) had a massive update that increased the detail of the map. I checked it out and I really thought it was a crappy effort on behalf of NASA. Even a simple satellite with an iPhone 5 camera would take better photos…which goes to prove that NASA is hiding info from the public.

Anyways, I was searching Mars and came across this face. I actually found three, but am only showing you this one above because one was deliberately blurred by NASA and the other was beyond ancient so its eyes and forehead were gone…hmmm, I will put the photos below just for the fun of it. All three faces are near each other. SCW

Latitude: 37°21'41.32"S
Longitude: 149°55'17.97"
Two other faces in photo below.

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  1. when r they here in lalor park sydney australia they touched down in chatswood plz let me know when so im ready to look and c the ufos im so amazed and very interested a lot


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