Two Different Reports Of Three Glowing UFOs Over Pennsylvania On Nov 16, 2012.

Above is three close-ups with added contrasts from photos below.

Date of sighting: November 16, 2012
Location of sighting: Apollo, Pennsylvania, USA
Time: 5 PM

Eyewitness states: We saw it at the same time from different locations in Apollo. Others on Apollo also saw them. They took better pictures...I will send these to you also...With their statements... My neighbor took them from work. Then another gentlemen took them from another area close to Apollo."

"We were  on our way to a meeting noticed this unusual formation. We never saw jets fly that close to each other, never in 3's and there was no noise and was not moving very fast. The only thing we had was this cell phone picture. It was truely an amazing site to see." 
(6 photos above, many from her friends around Apollo)

The eyewitness above emailed their report into us at UFO Sightings Daily about this sighting and then a second report about the same sighting by a different person was also made at MUFON. Also note that the most common time to catch UFOs in the sky is during sunset, because the suns rays are bent at a right angle to the UFOs, the UFOs cloak is only capable of bending light 180 degrees around itself, any more and it becomes slightly visible from 30 second to 15 minutes. On Google Map, the city of Apollo is 14.5 miles away from the city of Sheloca. 

Date of 2nd sighting: November 16, 2012
Location of 2nd sighting: Shelocta, Pennsylvania, USA (photos below)

Second Eyewitness states: (MUFON)
"I was driving from Johnstown PA to Pittsburgh PA at about 4:50 pm on Nov. 16th, 2012. I was traveling West on interstate 422 when I witnessed a glowing ball to my left moving in the same direction as me. In front of me a few miles was another glowing ball. These two balls converged and were joined by a third (I did not see where the 3rd one came from, I hadnt pulled over yet). They stayed in a triangular formation and hovered a few miles in front of me for a solid 6 - 10 minutes during which time I pulled over and got some pictures. I attempted to take video, but the shapes were not showing up on my viewfinder. I was however able to get some still photos. While the objects were hovering, flame or light was coming out of the bottoms making them resemble jellyfish. Anytime they moved, they were simply round. Anytime they stopped, they had something coming out of the bottom again. After 10 minutes or so, they faded from site. I continued down the road a ways, and found that they likely had been hovering over a power plant (I think it was nuclear -- it had that type of cooling towers). A few minutes later (maybe 15 minutes from when I initially saw the objects) several military jet planes (4-6? I was driving and by now it was getting dark.) came from the West heading towards where I had seen the objects by the plant. I have military experience and have seen flares, various planes, drones copters, etc. and these objects were not like anything I had ever seen. They initially moved independently, then joined up and hovered in formation. They did not leave those trails in the sky like a passenger jet or the military jets that came after the fact. When they faded, there was no trails or anything left. There were several of us that pulled over and took pictures, but I do not know any of those people."


  1. I saw these also, from Philadelphia Street in downtown Indiana PA. They are contrails from three jets that passed over about 5 p.m. Once the jets got overhead it was clear what they were, but the contrails did appear a bit startling against the western sky as the sun was setting. I was hoping they were UFOs, but alas, nothing to see here, folks. Move along

    1. Wow, thats 8 miles from Shelocta. Are you sure they were jets…did you get any photos of the crafts. Some UFOs make contrails and clouds. Can you ask around to see if anyone got any photos of the craft please? We need close up detail photos if possible. The photos we have show no craft…but look like three long craft.

  2. Yes, I took pictures of them when they were low on the horizon which are pretty much identical to the ones posted here.. Then when they got overhead, they were definitely three jets flying in loose formation about, I'd say, 15000 feet. Kinda looked like business jets. I was disappointed that they turned out to be something not so mysterious. I have a cell phone image of the overhead that clearly shows they were jets, but not sure how to post it.

  3. Here's one more photo to add.


    I was driving west on Rt 422, between Shelocta and Elderton. The photo was at 1705 (5:05 pm) on 11/16. The power plant in the picture is the Keystone Generating Station, a coal powered plant.

    I didn't pull over to watch what happened with these things, but I did watch them as long as possible. There was some sort of craft, I couldn't identify what it was. I doubt it was aliens though.

  4. It's vegeta goku and Gohan don't worry

    1. Awesome Response. Thank you for that.

  5. Seen the same thing on November 24, 2012 in Arkansas.


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