Multiple Reports Of UFO Sighting Near Moon On Nov 24, 2012.

1st Report

Date of sighting: November 24, 2012.
Location of sighting: Earths Moon

Many reports are coming in about a glowing orb seen near the moon on Nov 24, 2012. This object was hovering around and then passed in front of the moon. But in photos of it in front of the moon, it looks black. We also got report about this UFO on our comments area. SCW

Eyewitness states: 
This additional footage is to show the visual transition from the Moon to the object and answer the question as to why there seemed to be a cut scene in the original.Also important to note - the object was seen at the same location for three consecutive days around Nov 24, 2012 and was visible between 4-5 pm on each day, almost like it was on a scheduled pattern.

2nd Report

Date of sighting: Nov 24, 2012
Location of sighting: Earths Moon

3rd Report:
A reader at our site left this comment a few days ago which deals with this UFO.
Date of sighting: Nov 29, 2012
Location of sighting: Near Earths Moon

Eyewitness states:
We were taking pictures of the moon and noticed to the upper right what we thought to be a large star or planet; that was, until we realized it was moving. It traveled at a notable speed above our home in Worcester, Massachusetts, November 29, 2012, somewhere between (approximately) 5:00am 5:45am, only for about a minute or so, began to appear smaller and smaller, then faded out. Took a photo, but only a phone pic. Was interesting.

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  1. Probably a supply & transport vessel im guessing...

    I want to ad that the far side moon is a thrieving community w/ beings & things comming & going UC...


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