Many Eyewitness Tell TV News They Saw Three Glowing UFOs In Florida's Night Sky Nov 27, 2012.

Date of sighting: November 27, 2012
Location of sighting: South West Florida, USA

Two weeks ago on Nov 10th the news reported glowing UFOs in the same area as this, and not they are reporting that people are seeing them again this week but not a few but many eyewitnesses this time. These glowing orbs are not orange like Chinese lanterns and the glow does not die after three minutes like Chinese lanterns. Instead these are circular in shape and they fly for several hours before they disappear. Also in the video they form a triangle patter in the sky, indicating that they are intelligently controlled. SCW


  1. We are being kept in the dark. These encounters happen too frequently now for them to not show up on radar.

  2. I saw 3 of these about 3x this size lined up in the sky in Ohio / USA today. They are very odd and definitely get your attention. They look like huge water-eroded limestone cliff faces in the sky. There are so many extremely strange things going on "up there" lately. I have been seeing weird brown clouds for a couple weeks now as well.


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