NASA Deletes Their Links To The UFO Photos We Posted Last May 2011.

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I have just been made aware by one of our readers that the UFO Photo that were almost in HD in quality have been deleted. I have tried the links in 4 different web browser but to no luck. The links are gone which means only the photos and videos we posted are the only evidence they ever existed. Please download and copy the video and photos into a personal file of yours and share with others. 

As I have warned before, NASA does have something to hide. I will expose you NASA for the fraud and the lies that you stand for! SCW

Click here to see the post with deleted NASA links. 


  1. I have/had that ftp site bookmarked. I've checked it almost everyday and from today it's been 3 weeks since all the photos have been deleted. Luckily I saved those pics to my pc because I knew it was only a matter of time before they "disappeared". Great site btw, keep up the good work Scott :)

  2. Wow! Very cool! ...... they have to have known you were gonna share this with the world. By now they definitely know who you are and how you work...I'm not sure how the whole leaking information thing works over at NASA, but I have to think a lot of this is done on purpose... to desensitize maybe? I don't know. Do they punish like the military?
    They are so careful with so much of the information, and there have been no NASA whistle blowers per say (which is kind of amazing) they must really threaten those employees in the worst of ways. And with the Internet how it is you would think some anonymous jack would start singing, but no... weird. Maybe the truth is just so horrible they don't want to be the one to be responsible for throwing the world into chaos. Or be the one to destroy religion... anyway we all need a NASA mole. lol


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