UFO Crash Discovered On Mars Using Google Mars Map, 61 Meters Long, Jan 7, 2013.

Date of discovery: January 7, 2013
Location of discovery: Mass Wasting, Southern Hemisphere, Mars

I was looking over Google Mars and discovered what looks like the equivalent of the Star Wars land cruiser. You can make out the shape and structure very well and even the two vertical wings in back. Using Google Ruler I found that the craft is 61 meters from nose to end, 33.3 meters from tail to tail, 29.23 meters wide and 4.8 meters thick. 

I placed a marker near it and labeled it "UFO crash SCW," so perhaps if you paste that into the search box you may find it easier, or you can paste the Longitude and Latitude into the search box and it may work. The grey photo part of the map is called "Mass Wasting in Southern Hemisphere crater." SCW

Latitude:  29°28'14.39"S 
Longitude: 172° 7'55.46"E

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