UFO Sightings 2013 Caught On Tape over Cleveland and Houston This Week.

Date of sighting: December 31, 2012
Location of sighting:  Cleveland, Texas, USA

Eyewitness states:
1. I was walking my dog outside. I DO remember hearing fireworks, and at first I thought that this was just a firework. However, it didnt explode ever, made no noise, and was flying insanely fast across the sky - coupled with the fact that the fireworks that I was hearing were atleast 5 miles away whereas I saw this light streak across my field of vision above me - going very fast and travelling very far. I assume that a firework wouldnt be able to travel very fast, and would burn out relatively quickly (not go horizontally for 5 miles)

2. Nothing really "made" me notice the object. In fact, I just happened to look into the sky thinking I might get lucky and catch a meteorite while walking my dog (Im a sort of amateur astronomer).

3. At first, I thought either I had seen a meteorite or a firework (or a plane). I ruled out fireworks (mentioned above), and then also could not think that this was a meteorite, it was travelling completely horizontally (as if unaffected by gravity), and wasnt encased in flame but rather had a perfect cylinder of yellow light with one dot in the middle. Ive never seen such an irregular pattern of light in a meteorite before. Also, I considered it to be a plane, but I am a pilot and have never seen such lights on a plane before in my life. I am honestly a huge skeptic of UFO encounters/abductions/animal mutilations, and I honestly dont believe in all of those shenanigans. But after seeing this on local television of a person with a similar experience (and saying "if you have seen something like this contact MUFON"), I felt that perhaps my input would be valuable.I can of course provide many more details via email.

4. Honestly theres not much to describe. It was going very fast across my field of vision as I watched it, probably about a minute or two. It was going in a very straight line, and it had a circle of yellow light with a dot in the middle. After the time elapsed it disappeared from my field of view (possibly due to the large amounts of trees in my yard making it difficult to see).

5. Feelings, reactions? Uh, normal feelings. Nothing really changed. I was slightly excited; I had wanted to run inside to grab my iphone and snap a picture but I figured that I didnt have time to do that (and had my dog on the leash trying to go to the bathroom).

6. It just dissappeared from my field of view.


  1. i just saw a ufo almost the EXACT same as descibed above as in movement, but the way it looked was different. i am in cleveland ohio i saw it a half hour ago at 1220 am while taking dog out. our details are almost exact its almost like your typing out what i thought. the thing i saw though was a long RECTANGLE almost like a dragonfly but glowing like a car neon for 2 to 3 seconds. it wasnt falling either. for a split second i thought bottle rocket but the glow got big all around it and showed how long it was and it dissapeared. made NO noise at all. i yelled holy sh** did anyone see that. hoping someone in the neighborhood was outside and saw it but heard no answer back. it was almost like a reverse dragon fly with tiny wings on the back

  2. I love in Cleveland and saw the same thing described

  3. I live in Cleveland and saw the same thing tonight

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