Robbie Williams Trying To Buy Island In California To Turn It Into A UFO Spotting Head Quarters, Feb 2013.

Finally a Hollywood bigwig is putting his money to a good use, Robbie Williams is currently trying to purchase a beautiful location at White Rock Island, California...with planes to change it into a headquarters for UFO spotting. He is apparently planning to build a luxury private resort on the 1.3 acre island, which is at the moment owned by famous movie director Michael Caffrey, so he and his wife Ayda can stay there and search for UFOs. Williams is said to have first visited White Rock Island just last year and discovered it to be a perfect location for a UFO researching headquarters since it has very little light and pollution as well as the sky is usually so clear you could see the stars most nights. Robbie Williams has said that he has seen UFOs in his past and is reportedly willing to pay $659,000 for White Rock Island to prove that UFOs and aliens do exist. 

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