Movie Director James Fox States He Is Offering $100,000 For Proof Of UFOs, But Will He Pay Or Just Another Bluff?

Film maker James Fox will make this announcement as part of the promotion for his upcoming movie The 701, inspired by the Air Force's two-decade UFO study, Project Blue Book. The massive study into 12,618 UFO sightings, which ended in 1969, was able to explain away all but 701 of these sightings. Fox, who previously directed Out of the Blue (2002) and I Know What I Saw (2009), will reveal the $100K challenge at the 22nd International UFO Congress (IUFOC), which begins Feb. 27, in Fountain Hills, Ariz. However he never said what he considers proof of alien life and has given no further details of what he considers significant evidence, so suppose UFOs and alien structures in NASA photos not to mention a rabbit like animal in NASA Mars photos works for him. He probably want to have an alien come to his house and shake his hand...well Mr. Fox...get in line! SCW


  1. Maybe he will pay, he'd have a bit of cash backing him after that terrible series Chasing UFO's he did...

  2. I have visual evidence that is worth more than what's being offered, but I would accept that amount to fund my research and investigation with better equipment.

  3. You need read "Entryway Into Yesteryears" explain Garden of Eden was a spaceship bring human, animal and plant to earth. The proof of UFO is all over the world, but no one has made the connection until now. I have made the connection around the world.


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