Biomechanical UFO In Hi Res NASA Photo While In Orbit Around Earth!

I combined the photo that was taken during and after the UFO and it is below in giff format. The photo before the UFO was of a different angle so I didn't include it. The photos prove that its not something stuck to the window, the shadows on the UFO show it is an object far away. 

Date of discovery: unknown
Location of discovery: Earths orbit

Old NASA files hide UFO research treasure if you dig deep enough and persist. This is a great example of that very thing. A giant odd shaped UFO is in the background. The shape indicates that its biomechanics in nature. I mean its created using living mechanisms that are programmed to grow a certain way. Much how the ship in the Sci-fi show Farscape had a living spaceship, this too is similar except this one is real. I think biomechanics ships explains a lot of sightings people have of odd shaped or irregular shaped UFOs. SCW

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