Diamond Shaped UFO Moving In Sky Over San Fernando Valley, California On March 30, 2013. MAIL IN REPORT TO USD.

Date of sighting: March 30, 2013
Location of sighting: North San Fernando Valley, California, USA
Eyewitness states: 
Just after 6:30 this morning, March 30 2013 I went to the usual spot  
(North San Fernando Valley, facing south/southeast towards Burbank and  
downtown L.A.) from where I watch the sunrise whenever I can. With that  
said, I have been there many times and have seen many interesting things,  
but nothing quite like this.  I started recording video on my iPhone 3S  
because I had read/heard many times recently (mainly from posts on UFO  
Daily) about the ability of digital cameras to see what the naked eye can  
not.  At first, I filmed a quick, less than 30 video and decided to get  
out of the car in order to obtain a better view.  However, before I  
exited, I noticed the thumbnail of the video after it had saved.  In the  
center of the screen was a light-blue rectangular object.  I immediately  
started the camera to record again, hoping that what I was seeing wasn't a  
glitch or glare or fragment of something floating around in the air.   
After another minute or so, I noticed that I couldn't see the object with  
my own eyes, but could easily see it on the phone's screen.  Then while  
narrating what I was seeing, the object quickly fades out and disappears!   
I have attached the original video, and I assure anyone who may question  
it's validity that it is 100% real and unaltered.  After-all, I'm sending  
this report in less than 2 hours after witnessing the event.  Peace and  
love to all and many thanks to you Scott for your relentless pursuit of  
the truth.  All will be revealed very soon...(as if any of us needed  
confirmation from our "fearless leaders")


  1. brothers and sisters, why does the street lamp switch off the moment the object vanishes? surely not a coincidence, is it?

    1. Hmmm...good eye, thanks for pointing that out. Looks like it might be a lens flare.


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