UFO Caught While Amateur Astronomer Was Recording Moon, April 16, 2013.

Date of sighting: April 16, 2013
Location of sighting: Valpescara, Italy

This is a great video of a UFO caught near the moon while a guy was trying to get a video of the moon.  Notice the orbs color is diamond shaped in the beginning of the video (first 30 seconds) because the camera was trying to focus. Best of all he was using a tripod which made the focus much better. SCW


  1. Hmmm seems fishy. I blew it up on my flatscreen and there's a black box surrounding the light, seems to be added in!

    1. Great idea enlarging it. Make sure you enlarge its dimensions not just magnify it. I use this method also. I learned I can see if there are mountains with car or house lights on it...that were mistaken for UFOs. Some were, most were not. Alway every glowing UFO will have a disturbance around it...usually not round or oval but square or rectangle. The disturbance it the glow effecting the lighted part of the sky near it or the antigravity propulsion system. Either way the box indicates its a real object in the night sky. Great work though, most people are not aware of this technique.

  2. Hello my name is linford and i do believe in ufos without a doubt this is a excellent clip of a real ufo by our moon and the thing that secures this amongst all sightings if you lisen clostly there is a dog barking constantly their ears seem to pick something up which must be emitted by the craft that we cant hear


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