Two Glowing UFOs Over Shopping Mall In Auckland, New Zealand April 13, 2013.

Date of sighting: April 13, 2013
Location of sighting: Auckland, New Zealand

These glowing UFOs or orbs were seen this week over Auckland. This is a good example of orbs a night. You see they don't stick around long. Most the time they are visible for less than two minutes and then they vanish. This is a great example of the most common kind of night orb sighting. Do you ever look up when you walk around? Most people don't but a few of us do and with a bit of luck one day...you will be recording the next UFO Sighting Video. SCW


  1. A great information you shared about UFOs. It's really new to me but how it is possible that it appears for a while and then vanishes. I will share it on my blog: http://www.buildingandbeyond.co.nz/builder_auckland.html

  2. Last night ( Friday 21st March 2014) around 20:35 my son, partner and I saw 9 orange orbs in a tri formation moving from east to north. We watch them for about 5minutes before they were gone. I live in Otara Manukau Auckland and was hoping others had witnessed.

  3. On the same night in upperhutt https://youtu.be/YuxDl4yAMD8

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