Two UFOs Caught In Queenstown, New Zealand Near Plane On May 2013.

Date of sighting: May 2013
Location of sighting: Queenstown, New Zealand

Eyewitness states: 
This footage was taken on May 12th 2013, In Queenstown, New Zealand. I was on a tour boat on lake wakatipu, with about 25 other passengers. It was a perfectly still day, 15 degrees air temperature, sunny skies. I noted a plane overhead, for a quite a while it appeared to be not really going anywhere. I focused my camera, ( Canon EOS55D) onto the plane, then noticed that it had ejected what appeared to be a shining round object. I had been taking photos of the plane for a couple of minutes before it ejected the glowing ball... I managed to gain a few shots of the ball as it slowly descended. I then lost sight of the plane and the glowing object. Then a few minutes later, the plane was back, so this time, I focused intently on it, and it's activities. No one else on the boat was particularly watching, as we were on a guided tour, not of the sky, but rather the landscape and lake around us... I was the only one watching the skies..The 2nd time the plane ejected the same looking object, I managed to capture completely it's descent to earth, and it's landing. I could only ever sight the glowing ball of light. At no time could I see the other two anomalous objects, they ere not ever visible to my eye, nor could I see them on the camera screen. It was not until I was able to view on the computer screen, enlarged , that I finally noticed the two other objects that appear to be connected...The descent was not quick, it was not a free fall event. The objects took their time, initially forming a triangular shape, then occasionally mingling together, but always with the white glowing orb in the top position. I had plenty of time to watch this event. The glowing white orb was quite large, big enough to track with my own eyes...At one point, I changed to video view, but my screen on the camera is not large enough to visually see an event like this,I had trouble spotting the item on he camera screen... so I quickly went back to individual photos, knowing that I had more scope to enlarge the photos as well,( I cannot alter my videos to enlargement at this stage. ) The plane seemed to stay around while these objects gently came down to earth. Once they had landed, the plane then disappeared. It did so in a bit of an unusual fashion, it seemed to become more and more blurry.. maybe that was a distance factor , maybe it was changing shape. On several occasions, the plane would change direction, in less than a minute time span, but not going anywhere to actually achieve a 180 degree turn, it was as if it could manage to do this aeronautical feat in the space of just a few meters.


  1. Agreed it ejected something, but it seemed to me that it ejected a object (the dark object) with a Parachute (the lighter object)

  2. Mate I seen the big white object today!over on the Cecil peak side very unusual!

    1. Get any photos or video? If so, post it on Facebook or Youtube and plz leave the URL here with your description. Sounds cool.


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