UFO Hits Airliner In Mid Air Over Chengdu, China On June 2013.

Date of accident: June 2013
Location of accident: Chengdu, China

UFOs have been recorded shooting so near to planes that you would think they would hit them. This is a very rare occurrence of such an thing happening. From the shape and size of it, it looks to be a cloud orb that  got to close to the nose of the craft. Proof that even aliens get over confident. SCW

News States: 
Here's an interesting photos that been doing the rounds online, apparently taken after an Air China Boeing 757-200 was involved in a recent incident.

According to The Aviation Herald, the aircraft (registration B-2856) was performing flight CA-4307 from Chengdu to Guangzhou on 4th June 2013, when "a large bang was heard from the nose section of the aircraft and the aircraft performance worsened".

The Boeing 757 was returned to Chengdu for safety reasons and post flight examinations confirmed that the aircraft collided with a foreign object... but what type of object would cause this much damage?

A bird strike has been ruled out (due to lack of blood, feathers or other remains) and theories about the object have ranged from a chunk of ice to UFOs


  1. This is crazy. Never makes headlines by scandals sure do I guess. Interesting read

  2. This is crazy. Never makes headlines by scandals sure do I guess. Interesting read

  3. Here's the link to the Aviation Herald report:


    A commentor there said he had experienced this before:

    "I had exactly the same thing happen to me on a flight out of LHR to YYZ on a 747-400. What caused it was a static discharge while climbing through snow showers at about 6000 feet on departure. There was a huge bang and flash followed by the wx radar failing. We leveled off at 10,000 feet and accelerated to 300 knots to see if there was any adverse effect. Since the aircraft felt perfectly normal we carried on to Toronto. As we approached the gate, the ramp hands were pointing at the nose. When we got off we saw that the radome was pushed in as if a huge fist had punched it in the nose. As it turned out the pressure from the rapidly heated and expnded air had done the damage. The radar antenna had jammed."

    I can't assess the truth of the explanation, but a commentator on another site noted some plane noses are deformable by design, giving this link to a patent, which says:

    "An aircraft forward pressure bulkhead as described herein includes a malleable and deformable dome that is configured to 'catch' foreign objects, such as birds. The dome is intentionally designed to deform in response to a foreign object strike that imparts at least a threshold amount of impact energy to the bulkhead. The dome is free of rigid stiffeners and non- deformable reinforcement members that would otherwise hinder the flexible characteristic of the dome."


    Therefore, we should take care not to make too much of this.

    Oh! My warning is too late for The Sun! (Nice graphic.)



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