UFO Over Lima Peru Changes Shape, Peru TV News Video, May 30, 2013.

Date of sighting: May 30, 2013
Location of sighting: Lima, Peru

South America is famous for its UFO sightings of objects that change shape. These objects are often refereed to as jellyfish like UFO can change shape in just a few seconds. This a fantastic news video from Peru. The shape of the UFO will confound your logic, but when it comes to the shape of UFOs...there is no norm. SCW-Taiwan


  1. Scott , Kevin here from OKC / Moore ok. I dogged another 3-4 tornados again tonight , sitting here with no power and watching your awesome website. I'm so glad to have your info in my life! Thanks for all your hard work. If you only knew how many people respect and rely on your reporting!
    Keep on keep'n on!

    1. Wow, stay safe over there. Have seen the news of its damage even over there on Taiwan TV. I actually saw a long grey object in a TV news video here of the OK tornado, but had no way to record it. You see anything unusual in the sky lately?

      Thanks Kevin, glad you like the site. Started for myself 2 years ago so I could learn but I guess others wanted to learn the same things I did. :) I will keep at it. Piecing the puzzle together one piece at a time.

      Take care and stay safe.


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