Glowing Cloud Passes Over Pompano Beach, Florida At 8:36 PM Lighting Up The Night Sky.

Date of sighting: May 24, 2013
Date of reporting: July 11, 2013
Location of sighting: Pompano Beach, Florida, USA

Watch this glowing white cloud at 8:36 PM as it stands out form everything else in the sky. Its not a sun dog...that happens during sunset...sunset is long over for 2 hours. UFOs are known for making clouds to hide inside of so that they will not frighten humans.  

Why hide? Lets assume aliens are a million years more advanced in technology, then their intelligence and reasoning will also be advanced. Therefore they will not want to interrupt with our culture, but merely observe and learn. Scientific method. SCW


  1. I just saw a electric blue glowing cloud in Miami Fl . The cloud was sight at 8.30 . We took several pictures . Please contact me to send you photos

  2. I saw a UFO May 24,2013 in Margate,Florida.It was a Friday night,May 24,2013 the time was 11:45 p.m.The moon was full in the sky.
    I went outside my home in Margate,Fl and was in front of the house.Up in the sky I saw what at first I thought was a Hugh burning ball of fire,bright orange and red encircled the object as it so quickly was coming directly at me.The colors were first Hugh flames of red and orange like a Hugh burning ball coming directly at me,like a target.As I stood there and watched this object,as it got closer,it was clearly just orange flames that I could see coming out of the circular bottom of the craft.The moon was full and this was NOT a burning orange ball of fire falling from the sky.The craft was directly above the tree top and power line levels and to the left side of the moon over the lake.It came so fast directly towards me.
    As it got closer to me I could see the bright orange fire flames coming from a circle shapped bottom of the UFO.This is when I saw what it really was.
    The ufo was dome shaped and a dark gray/black color.This was to close for me,I was really scarred.
    As it was coming right at me,I felt like this ufo was was trying to read me medically.That is how I felt,and you are just paralyzed there.
    As it was closer,I was really scared.I could now see the craft was in the center of what at first I thought was a Hugh burning ball of fire or a meteorite coming directly at me on a slight angle.
    The ufo actually stopped and hoovered over the far right side of the house across the street from were I was standing,it didn't make any sound.
    I thought that was it and if I did not move,I might be dead.I opened my front door and my witness came out.It was like this craft knew my witness came out.The craft was hovering just above the power line tops and when my witness came out it darted fast over to the right.Then at super speed the craft headed on an angle,going directly into one particular cloud on my side of the street.Between my house and my neighbors into this cloud.
    There was not one cloud on the other side of the street when the ufo was coming at me like a direct target,the moon was full and the sky clear over there.
    The ufo did not make any sound at all.
    My witness and I saw the ufo head directly for this 1 cloud.I drew pictures of everything I saw that night.As the craft was going into the cloud from behind it looked like a v shapped pattern,and several bright orange glowing balls could be seen from the back of the ufo as it so fast went into that 1 cloud.
    The Margate police received a phone call the next day regarding the duo.
    I will never forget what I saw on May 24,Friday night 2013.
    There is more,but I will not go into,my cell phone did not work,so I drew the craft,it's shape and never thought I would be that close to a ufo. I am still scared when I think of what happened that night.


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