Giant Sinkhole Appears On Western Kansas, Possibly Revealing Alien Entrance To Underground Base.

Date of discovery: August 2013
Location of discovery: Western Kansas, USA

Although most people try to credit God or nature for massive sink holes, I do believe that they are caused by UFOs existing underground bases 3-4 miles below the surface. Each base has alternative exists in case the main exit is inaccessible or has too many human witnesses nearby. This exit apparently was 200 meters below the surface to insure it wouldn't be discovered. Someone must have left in a hurry to cause that kind of hole. This area of Kansas is has a very low population meaning low chance of alien UFOs being seen or recorded, so this makes this site perfect for an secret entrance, exit to a base. SCW

News states:
"How can this happen? What happened to what was below?" wondered Virgil Fischer. A few days ago, the earth opened up and left a giant sinkhole in the middle of Dalton Hoss' pasture. "Actually, my brother found it.  He called me up and his voice was quaking and he said, 'You'll never believe what I just saw,'" Hoss said. What he saw was huge.  The sinkhole is 200 feet across and 90 feet deep.  People are amazed by the size of the hole that seemed to show up overnight. "I'd seen pictures and I knew it was deep, but I didn't think it was this deep. You get out here and you get a whole different perspective on how deep it is," said Gavin Mote. You really can't get a good sense of the size and scope unless you walk up close to it.  And just how safe that is remains a question. There are large cracks right next to the sinkhole.  Sheriff Larry Townsend said it appears to be getting bigger and he doesn't know what's going to stop it. "Man had nothing to do with this.  This is a God thing.  There's no oil well around here, there are no irrigation wells anywhere near.  This is something that just happened," Sheriff Townsend said. And it's something that's left people in awe, wondering just how solid the ground is where they are walking.  That's why both the landowner and sheriff don't want people to go out and see it, because of the potential danger.

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  1. Amazing, I'd be interested to know if there's many reported UFO sightings in that area.. Do you know if they've done any testing of the area, radiation for example, to suggest so???


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