Glowing Orbs Seen Over Whitby, Ontario, Canada On August 13, 2013. Email Report.

Email Report.
Date of sighting: August 13, 2013
Location of sighting: Whitby, Ontario, Canada

I believe these are actually glowing orbs, but because of the camera moving while taking the photo it appears longer like a disk. Cool report. SCW

Eyewitness states: 
On Tuesday August 13, 2013 at approximately 10:15pm, my wife and I witnessed four bright coloured lights in a square formation heading south east of our home in Whitby, Ontario.  The night was dark and there was low cloud cover.  With the windows open, we listened to silence and wondered what kind of object could be flying so low and not making any noise. I grabbed my camera to get a shot of these lights.  As I was doing this another light appeared overhead and followed the four.  The light appeared round with brilliant reflection above and below the object and slightly less to each side.  Again the fifth object made no noise and was moving in succession toward the others slowly.  The first four slowly disappeared into the clouds one at a time.  Moments after seeing the fifth object, a sixth object appeared moving in the same south east direction and this time appeared to be at a lower elevation that the first four and fifth object.  It's light was bright and appear as yellowish with a redish hue.  It proceeded SE until it also disappeared in the cloud cover overhead.  
I have never see such a thing and remain freaked out by what I saw as it is without explanation; the speed, formation, shape, colour and reflective properties of the objects, soundlessness.  I don't know but every horror movie I have seen stuck in my head (Sphere, Independence Day).  
The pictures taken from my phone from a second floor bedroom window facing the south east sky, just don't do it justice.  You have to see it with the naked eye to believe it. Still in shock! 


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXuUQlkISgU

    This is video from 2 days ago, you aren't alone I'm still freaked out too.

  2. Thanks for sharing , as I also witnessed a single bright white light that moved slow
    No sound and movement was jerky.
    I have witnessed many since June in Oshawa /Whitby
    Best time 9:30 -- to midnight
    Some have been three separate sightings same night.
    Added also in observation the low circling C-130 's in the same area *

  3. Thanks for sharing *

    I also witnessed a single white light that moves extremely slow.
    They move low - 2000- 5000 feet.
    No sound and move with a jerky effect.
    Many have been witnessed here in Oshawa /Whitby since June 2012.
    Most witnessed between 9:30pm to midnight
    Also I have noticed C-130 circling low in the same area as the UFO's on August 31,2013.

    Yes- something is up ^ . ^

  4. Hi. On, or around this date, I was in Pickering for a family gathering. (I live in Vancouver,...used to live in Pickering in the late 70's) At about 10 - 11 pm, we were in the parking lot of the condo complex, when someone saw an unusual object in the sky. It was a calm, warm night. I think there was some cloud cover, but it would have been quite high. What we saw, moving smooth, steady, and silently, from west to east, was a round orangish glowing object, almost identical to the one in the Youtube link, provided by Jeremy, above. It was impossible to estimate it's altitude, but let's say about the size of a green pea held at arm's length. Within a couple of minutes, it disappeared from our sight. We were very excited, and dumfounded. It was not an aeroplane, or a paper ball, with a candle inside. Within a week, while walking along the Lakeshore, in Toronto ( SE of Queen & Pape), I saw the same object again, same everything. A few months later, my sister, in Pickering, reported that she, along with her sons, saw something like 20-30 objects, north of their house, and they moved around for quite a while. That one had her pretty freaked-out. ;~)
    Some estimates put the number of planets, in the milky way galaxy, at approx. 500 million. And there's billions of galaxies. To imagine the size of our own galaxy, is almost unimaginable, forget about even trying to envision how vast our universe is??? Now consider the possibility of a multiverse: endless possible types of universes simultaneously coexisting. I guess there might be some other life out there, eh? lol

    I've been fascinated by the UFO phenomena for many years, and have seen a few other strange things, but in the end, what are you going to do? Lose your marbles, become obsessed, find religion, or maybe start a Cargo Cult? We may, or may not ever learn what these various events, and sightings actually are. Certainly, it would appear that there's very advanced, skunk works, military level stuff happening. It's interesting to see just how much documentation is occurring worldwide, these days, now that almost everyone has recording technology at their fingertips. Unfortunately, though, almost all of it is still too low grade/pixelated to be of any real use. But, within the next few years, we're going to be in possession of extremely high def., image stabilized recording gear. Interesting times.


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