Glowing Disk Seen By NASA Rover On Mars, August 2013. Email Report.

Email Report.
Date of sighting: August 2013
Location of sighting: Mars Surface
URL to NASA Photo: http://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/

This was sent into us here at USD and I have to admit this one is unique. A glowing object which is longer on both ends but a hump in its middle much like a classic flying saucer. At first I thought it was the sun until I enhanced its size and that shape is 100% proof its not the sun. Wow! Check out the full photo at the NASA URL. SCW


  1. Hi Scott,

    This object does not appear to be the Sun directly, but it may be a reflection of the Sun off of something intelligently made. The object is not 100% bright glowing stuff. Parts above it and to its sides are not so bright.

    Also, the bottom edge of the glowing parts are flush with the edge of the hill (likely) in front of the object. So the object may not be in the air, but rather on the ground, but situated taller than the hill in between the rover and the object.

    I suspect we are seeing a glass observation deck that happened (at that moment) to be angled to catch the sun and direct that light at the rover.

    There has been a trend to see many such structures in miniature form for the miniature aliens. Perhaps this is an observation point for the larger aliens.

    The only natural thing that might make such a reflection would be some sort of outcropping of metallic ore, but I doubt that is the case based on the numerous miniature observation posts seen to date.

  2. Just another typical sunrise on Mars. Search for other sunrise photos and youn can plainly see this.

  3. Just another typical sunrise on Mars. Search for other sunrise photos and youn can plainly see this.

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