Two Videos Record UFO Over China And Taiwan At Same Date, One Taken By Me SCW. UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: July 29, 2013
Time: 07:06:59 PM
Location of sighting: Taipei New City, Taiwan
Total record time: 5 min 26 seconds
Camera: Sony HDR-CX380, made in 2013

Click on photo to enlarge. 

Last night on Taiwan TV news I saw a broadcast of a UFO that was recorded in China on about July 29-30, 2013. Taiwan is about 20 min from China by plane. It was amazing because I recorded the same thing just when I was walking into my apartments going to get my son for his swimming class. I however had doubts and did not upload it till today. Also I work 12-13 hour days during summer so...@#$% I'm so busy. 

I had some doubts about what it was, because I could not make out a definite shape and I did not see it move more than once...and even that movement may or may not have been an illusion of the zoom. I do carry a camcorder everywhere I go since they are so small and light now. It weighs a little more than my iphone. 

I used a Sony Full HD, HDR-CX380 with a 55X extended zoom and a 30X optical zoom. I am really glad someone else out there recorded it too. Its weird, but I have seen it before a few times over the ocean area of Taiwan. I will also include the China TV news report below so please compare UFOs. SCW

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  1. Hey Scott, Ive been tracking same or similar in Australia. i took some stills and processed them for a suprising result, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmrkJ_-epGw


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