White Triangle UFO Watches Space Walk at ISS Caught On Live Cam! Aug 16, 2013. Email Report.

Email Report.
Date of sighting: August 16, 2013
Location of sighting: Earths orbit, at International Space Station

This was emailed into us here at USD and I have to say...Holy @#$% Batman! This is one nice catch. What I mean by that is when you make the video FULL SCREEN MODE, to watch, you will see that not only is there a UFO in the lower right corner...but it is white, triangular in shape and has a tentacle like arms behind it. You often see UFOs on the live cam almost daily, but to catch one with these jellyfish-like appendages...I've never seen that before.

Also know however this does have some of the signs of being the TR3B, a Top Secret aircraft the USAF was working on for the last two decades, but I don't think it is, because if it was, then the Russians on board the space station also know about the TR3B...which would enlarge the conspiracy theory by double. 

By the way, the TR3B is an experimental triangle spacecraft that uses alien technology to propel it through space, water, or air. SCW

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  1. They are two objects!
    In minute 0:28 approx, you can see a tiny white dot moving, and immediately after the "white comet" UFO.


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