UFO Over Turkey, Second Time This Week Aug 31, 2013.

Date of sighting: August 31, 2013
Location of sighting: Turkey

While watching the video at first I thought the light was merely a house on a hill, so I took screenshots and altered the lighting to look for the hill. It would work if there was a hill there, but none existed. The object is hovering in the air and its flashing lights are unusual. I also know this video has not been altered because if it had, when I added brightness...it would not change the lighting. So the video is real, unaltered and the object is flying. Check out the photos below to see the test. 

Turkey has long been a country known for its UFO sightings. The Black Sea is also highly suspected at containing an alien base under water but one of its entrances is on an island there. Sadly Google covered up the two islands that I suspected of this. Looks like Google is in on hiding alien info from the public.

Also in Turkey, I've reported sightings at Lake Van, Bebze, but if you want to see the one that led me to the islands in the Black Sea...check out this post and video

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