UFO Seen Over Lincoln, Nebraska On Sept 10, 2013, UFO Sightings News.

Date of sighting: Sept 10, 2013
Location of sighing: Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
Source: MUFON.com 
Report: #50802

Eyewitness states: 
The sky was in constant motion so I was taking pictures of the clouds rolling in. There were spots of showers coming down in the distance and bolts of lightening and then to the East it was clear blue sky. I was on my patio in my back yard under the patio roof. I took 10 -15 pictures in about 15 - 20 minutes. I was trying to catch a picture of the lightening so I was trying different settings on my camera. When I started to rain I went in, and did not look at he pictures until the next day. 

That was when I noticed the one picture with the space ship looking disc in the sky. 2 of them where identical and the third was like it was behind a cloud and was not as distinct and the other 2. I thought how did I not see them when I took the picture yet they are plain as night and day in the picture. Everyone I have showed the picture to believes the same thing, that they were space ships from another planet. My theory is they were not visible to the naked eye and for some reason were picked up by the camera lens. I am going to send you some of the other pictures I took too so you can see how amazing the sky looked that evening. 

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