Wormhole or UFO Near Ours Sun on Sept 12, 2013, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: September 12, 2013
Location of sighting: Near Earths Sun
Source: ipad app. Name: SOHO (official NASA/SOHO app)

I was checking out my iPad app of the sun and came across this disk like object near it. Tied to the object is a glowing white beam like an umbilical cord from it to the sun. 

Now I know although it might be possible for aliens to make a sun size ship...I would not see the reason for wasting such time of them making it. So perhaps only the black circle part is the ship. 

Of course theres another option, it could be that the suns energy is being used to open up a portal to another location in the universe...a black hole of sorts, but under intelligent control, a wormhole. So tell my your thoughts on this one. Its really big whatever it is. SCW


  1. Its hard to say... It took me a while to think of an appropriate answer. But from the looks of it, it looks like a wormhole. But then again it could be an alien ship absorbing the suns energy for who knows what reason. It really boggles the mind.

  2. It looks like a wormhole. I wouldn't be surprised: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3z8DlNZKag

  3. In 1998 Earth's deep space radar picked up 3 enormous objects approximately thousand kilometre in diameter each (4.5 to be more precise). The ships(?)locations were pinpointed as being in orbit around the Sun and Venus. These three (presumably)cloaked ships have been detected at different intervals in time since then. Apparent source of alien intelligence Andromeda Galaxy.

  4. Following was a predicition posted by alien contactee DR Jonathan Sherwood on his blog in 2008. www.rajon.com Sherwood was a former New Zealand Navy medic trained in neurology and infectious diseases he was also a court bailiff, author and Egyptologist:

    UFO coverups

    How any government can expect the public to be so ignorant as to not notice UFO activity when it happens in front of their faces is beyond me. The USA goverment has been making deals with off world alien contact for decades how else do you think technological advancements can occur so here we are with a new thing about to happen and I sometimes wonder how humanity will accept this one.

    “Large UFO craft approaching from deep space size 5,000 kilometers across with massive abundance of smaller craft onboard.”

    So hows ya deep space telemetry now folks. Not sure where to look thats easy out towards Pluto.

    Keep watching something different is about to happen oh and also UFO activity will increase as this next phase occurs.

    Some people will ignore this as rubbish and thats fine thats where they are at but honest folks. The military boffins know its coming and now they wondering how we know!!

    By the way for those Rendelsham forest fans there are some markers about to be left in the forest and me for one is off to see. These are no ordinary thing! But then why should they be.

    Foxtrot 4 is a good place to start!

    Alternative 3 well thats something else! Its grown since then!

  5. Dr Sherwood wrote a book called "Andreas One Assignment" >he called it a factual account. This book recounts an alien odyssey to travel across the stars and through time to save the universe from destructive fate by creating a new life form (human kind) to perpetuate the existence of all life in the known universe.


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