UFO Over Mercogliano, Italy Right Now On Live Cam, Oct 2013, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: October 2, 2013
Location of sighting: Mercogliano, Italy

Right now as I write this there is a UFO on a live cam over the city of Mercogliano, Italy. The cam seems to have photos that change every few minutes instead of actual video. This camera turns into infrared at night, which can reveal cloaked ships. The human eye cannot pick up light in the infrared spectrum so only the digital IR cameras can see it. I watched and for the last two days this UFO hovers over the neighborhood. I reported a similar UFO over italy on cam last year and within a few days that UFO stopped showing up. It's very likely that aliens do monitor our internet for information of them being detected or the knowledge we gain about them. Take a look at the cam link and tell us what your thoughts are about it please. SCW

In the below screenshot, you can see a disk-like cloud in about the same position as the UFO is at night. I took this a few hours later when it was daylight. 


  1. nice blog but it loads extremely slowly

  2. It is 12:23pm Central time. I have noticed the object starting to appear about a half an hour ago! I'm able to keep an eye on it until 4pm. Will do follow ups (if anything changes) as the day progresses. Great catch on that!

  3. Still there tonight at 10:45, OKC, ok time on October 4th!


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