UFO In NASA Photos Near Space Station, Descends Into Lake, Nov 2013, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: November 2013
Location of discovery: Earths orbit
Photo 1: http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/sseop/images/ISD/highres/STS106/STS106-314-1_4.JPG
Photo 2: http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/sseop/images/ISD/highres/STS106/STS106-314-2_4.JPG
Photo 3:  http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/sseop/images/ISD/highres/STS106/STS106-314-3_4.JPG

NASA link give 404 error, they always delete the photos after I discovery and announce them. 
Above photo is #2, cloaked UFO, only outer edge visible. 
Above photo is #3, cloaked UFO, defending toward water area.

Look at this UFO seen in NASA high resolution photos taken from orbit. The first photo shows a long, blue glowing UFO. The second one shows that this UFO cloaked and only looks like a circle near the same area. The third, shows the circle getting smaller so I assume the UFO has begun defending toward earths surface since it appears to be getting further away. The video doesn't show photo #2 and #3 so you may have to check it out yourself to confirm. SCW


  1. Excellent Video - Proof!

  2. Do you also notice in the first foto on the right of the other lake a white curved line. in the second foto, a bit lower a black circle too, and on the third foto a white line again closer to the right. As if there's something flying too (and cloaked).

  3. This photos is have many circles similar №2. All photos contain its. (to example, on the №3 photo you may see another circle in the right-bottom corner photo, and another circle from left side from station). This is more likely to sunlight spot or something like that. The photos have strange shape on the mountains area between two lakes (you may see it on zoomed example from №3 photo: http://pic4net.com/di-MPNNHH.png )

    1. I don't see it. I looked at the photo you mentioned but it is nothing like the circle over the lake. Wrong color and texture.

    2. Ok, I make detail photo for you (based on photo 3):
      Sorry for my bad english.

  4. I stopped to capture 3 pics of the moon a few weeks ago and didn't discover until a week or so later that I had captured two objects. One was the typical green orb, the other was triangular.


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