Are The Tunnels On Mars A Ventilation System For Aliens Below Its Surface? VIDEO, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: unknown.
Location of discovery: Mars

Now we have all heard about the tunnels on the surface of Mars and some of us have even seen them in Mars photos ourselves, but to this day, NASA has refused to talk about what they are and who made them. 
The material that the tunnels are made from is translucent between the rings, but the rings themselves which act like scaffolding are smoky translucent. 

I believe that an intelligent species lives below the surface of Mars and these tubes are not for transportation, but instead disposal of the methane that living organisms make. This would explain how 60% of Mars was suddenly (it happened in just days) covered in methane gas several years ago...which by the way, disappeared within a few months. SCW


  1. That is one interesting image. I am not an expert in the photo graphics but it looks clear to me that is something there which it was made is not natural

  2. The bright spot in the tunnel that you pointed out said might be a self illuminatined station of some sort,,,
    I think that might be reflected light from an outside source.

  3. Are these photo's taken up close or are they from afar? Whatever they are, they are certainly interesting.

  4. How large are these tubes?

  5. I don't like to look at that thing, If they are this intelligent, there is no doubt that they know we're watching them. They could be amongst us. I call that unfriendly.


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