Hikers In Bulgaria Catch Glimpse Of Tall Alien In Forest Area, VIDEO, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: November 2013
Location of sighting: Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Sure its just a single photos, and yes, they probably didn't see the alien till later when they were looking at their photos, but I have heard about a few reports about these tall aliens. For instance in Voronezh, Russia on Sept 27, 1989 several children saw a 9 foot tall alien with robot escort. Even here in Taiwan on Dec 2012, my home, a police officer in a treeless mountain area saw a similar tall alien and had photos looking similar to this one. I'm just saying these aliens are real and out there. SCW

ADGUK News States: 
A group of young hikers insist they have photographed an extraterrestrial creature in a dense forest near Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

The group were hiking in Yundola, a large meadow between the mountains of Rila and Rhodoppe, when they came across the mysterious visitor.

One of the hikers managed to snap a picture of the creature before it vanished, an grey Alien perhaps?