Giant Orb Of Energy Taken From Our Sun, Jan 10, 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: January 10, 2014
Location of sighting: Earths Sun
Source: SOHO/NASA Time: 03:18

This round anomaly near the sun was discovered this week and shows a large round object moving away from the sun. Many people last year saw this round UFO, except back then it had a tornado like vortex between it and the sun. Back then everyone assumed it was a massive ship sucking energy from our sun and transporting it to other worlds. I believe this is possible, but cloaking something that big would be harder than getting the tech to make it. I  believe what we see is the energy being removed from our sun and being transported somewhere else using a small drone that is not visible, but can use some type of force field tractor beam to hold it and pull it. SCW


  1. It's the giant sphere again back in 2012, the sphere that refills itself from the sun.

    1. I totally agree, i do feel also Yosh that this is the case....


      Those world size objects just may not only feed themselves from stars I,g. But also act in a duel or triple purpose, 1st as a ballast capacitor against star fission overload possibly, & 2 to energize itself to stay alive to do what its doing, & another 3rd possibility is that some may do the two functions mentioned & including thirdly & possibly transporting that massive amount of energy/power to other regions of the cosmos for perhaps a utility reason too i keep thk'ing to myself...

  2. super hot eruption that is even expanding and pushng back on the visible solar wind, why else would you see back round stars through it.

  3. They are magnetic reconnection events, which cause loops of gravity to be flung out.



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