Mining On Asteroid EROS Found By NASA NEAR Spacecraft? UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Early 2013
Location of discovery: Asteroid Eros

Yes we have reported this last year, however it never got enough attention. This is a significant discovery and one that makes us suspect companies on Earth that want to do asteroid mining may only want alien tech on it. SCW

New Source "WhatsUpInTheSky" of Youtube: 
EROS - Video 1: This series will focus on the Asteroid EROS and its amazing features for such a small celestial object. From the NEAR Spacecraft images I have found many structures and what look to be remnants of an a ancient mining operation on the asteroid. I am starting with the most famous of the pictures that made a PIA-Numbered picture. (Featured NASA Photo) Please stay tuned for the upcoming EROS videos! Much love to you all please let me know what you think! As always I provide you the link..

http://www.whatsupinthesky.com - Anomaly Website
http://www.willfarrar.net - Personal Website

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  1. Astoriods are full of minerals as we all know & it would not surprise me if in fact there was a exo space mining extraction operation going on some of them, however i would thk alien tech was involved, hell yes & w/ what Never A Strait Answer & Just Plain Lies tells US the majority of US will never know.....


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