Amazing UFO Near Space Station On Jan 2014, VIDEO, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: January 2014
Location of sighting: International Space Station

Streetcap1 of Youtube recorded this UFO near the ISS this week and it has a light that is coming down against the outer wall of the ISS itself. Amazing catch and just goes to prove that if you try to catch a UFO on live cam at the ISS, you will succeed sooner or later. Awesome catch! SCW

Streetcap1 personal website: http://www.streetcap1.com


  1. Is it Nasa that suddenly cuts the feed? I think that proves we're on to something here ;-)

  2. You need to have a better way to communicate with you about all of these pics and videos. I never get an answer here.

  3. I think the light is just the sun coming around. But here's a possible theory, not saying I believe it. There are a lot of sightings like this around the ISS. if they are trying to not be seen they are horrible at it at the ISS but pretty good elsewhere. So it seems to me if it is alien in nature, the only reason I can think of them being so visible is they are communicating with the ISS. Wouldn't surprise me if this was the original reason for the ISS, before it's broadcast went viral. Just a thought

  4. thank you for sharing this info Scott, I come here everyday......... your site is more updated than most! thanks again

    1. No problem. Thanks for the kind words. Very rare to hear in this line of work. I try to stay current and publish only sightings that I was confident were real. The truth is like a window...one day it looks one way, but you learn new things and open that window...seeing the world in an entirely different way. Its exciting.

  5. finally a photo that can be approved by anyone and everyone!

  6. Yes to Scott & everyone on board here id like to say to ya all that, don't be surprised if some of those craft seen near the ISS are ours including a joint mission w/ the guys upstairs via a suspected Ah Hum now hold on to your seats now, a "Secret Space Program" between earth, the moon & mars just to name a few places as far as i percieve......


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