Grey Metallic UFO Near The Moon In NASA photo, Feb 21, 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Feb 21, 2014
Location of discovery: Near Earths Moon

Was searching for anomalies in NASA photos and came across this one. A grey-purple disk on the right side of the moon. 

Feel free to copy this video. I made it and you may use it on your own channel. I don't need credit, I just want to help teach the world about the existence of aliens. 

Scott C. Waring


  1. Scott & crew there every where, the worlds begining to see them more & more....

    Its just those dasterdly Gobal Robber Barons "GRB's" that want to steal the exotic tech knowledge pennies on the dollar if they can, im beginning to suspect a few Melevolent folks upstairs are possibly sharing this tech to the gready basterds to take over the world or possibly help reconstruct it before the melevolents bump there greedy behinds off via trickery because after all my precious crew on this ship, "The melevolents were tricking them all the while".....

  2. Great catch. I can't download the picture. Maybe they took it down. Looks like a classic flying saucer. Was the picture taken during an Apollo mission?

  3. Was the latest object seen over the Moon tracked until unable to be seen? Is a direction where it went known? Or was it space garbage?


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