Massive Fleet Caught By International Space Station Live Cam, VIDEO, March 10, 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 10, 2014
Location of sighting: Earths orbit viewed from ISS
Method Viewed: NASA space station live cam

Watch as a colorful fleet of UFOs is seen from the space station live cam this week. The UFOs actually change colors as they move. This fleet is following two lone UFOs far out ahead of them all. It looks like the fleet was caught leaving the dark side of the Earth just as the ISS came into view. This is one rare and amazingly beautiful event. SCW


  1. Plot twist, it's a single ship.

  2. But why?? :( , my brethren are abandoning us .

  3. you should get them to come to old SOUTH AFRICA.
    would love to see them here

  4. Should get them to to come visit S.A. would be neat seeing them

  5. Love to see all this, I am always want to update knowledge about all this,
    UFO.S AND ALIENS, Thanks

  6. It's funny how Brent repeated that 6! times....

  7. "Plot twist" is a comic relief. This is not funny and they want to shut done the ISS feed to the public.

  8. Who says there just space vehicals only, now what if i suggest to you all that there possibly "Bio Mechanical Life Forms" on a local solar system outing event, or thk just thk now crew of schools of fish in the ocean as a start...

    There's many different types UNDERNEATH our planets oceans...

    Maybe even intersteller "Bio Intelligent Lifeforms" out there might want to have fun also, DONT YOU SEE NOW CREW...


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